How To Rip CD+G With AudioGrabber

This section will instruct you on how to rip cdg. + compressed file that can be played on your computer, with winamp.
You must have a compatible CD-ROM drive, capable of reading and writing CD+G. A list of compatible drives is here.
Step 1 Use audiograbber you must install the program it's free to use and can be downloaded off the net at no cost to you.
Step 2 Place cdg or karaoke disk into cdrw make sure your cd rewriter can handle karaoke files.
Step 3 on the main screen all your karaoke files will show, make sure all the boxes next to them are checked.
Step 4 click on CD then Grab CDG tracks (Karaoke).
Step 5 grab to cdg. + compressed file.
This function is found under the CD menu.
There are a few different types of karaoke cd's and the most common one is CDG discs. The second most common is VCD or SVCD. Audiograbber deals with CDG discs only since VCD karaoke discs are easy to copy and there is no need for a CD-ripper for such discs. They have one .dat file for each song and you can copy the .dat files you want to the harddisk and change the file extension to .mpg. Then you can use it as source file for a new VCD discs. Nero from is one of the programs that can make VCD discs.

Other types of karaoke are midi files, laserdiscs and DVD's but they are out of Audiograbbers scope. Let me explain a bit about CDG discs. A regular frame (sector) on an audio disc is 2352 bytes. It is also possible to store subcode data to each sector and CDG info is stored in subcode R to W. It fits 96 bytes of data in these subcodes and that is used for graphic info. It is not plain text that is stored in the subcodes, instead it is graphics that builds up the picture with lyrics. If a regular CD player plays a CDG disc is simply ignores the sub channel data and it plays as a normal music CD (without song of course since there is usually no vocals on a karaoke disc). Audiograbber can of course also rip the disc that way, so only the audio is ripped.
The data on a CDG discs (audio and graphics) can be used in a few different ways in a computer. The easiest is to rip to a .bin file which is a copy of what is on the original disc. This bin file can later be burnt to a new CDG disc so you can make your own compilation CDG's. A .bin file consists of audio mixed with graphics data. It is also possible to rip to a .wav + a .cdg file. This way you will have the audio in one file and the graphics in another (and the wav can be normalized too if that is selected). Or you can rip to a .cdg file + an .MP3 (or any other compressed file format like OGG or WMA) file with the audio. There are audio players that can play these .wav files or .MP3 files and at the same time display the graphics/lyrics. There are also programs that can split a .bin file into a .wav and a .cdg file and can combine a .wav and a .cdg file to a .bin file.

Not all CD-ROM drives can read RW subcodes and thus they can not copy the cdg part of a karaoke CD. I have not that much experience which drives that can copy karaoke cd's but as far as I know all Plextor drives can. DVD drives can often not read RW subcodes in my experience. Audiograbber can not detect if the drive is capable of reading RW subcodes so only trial and error will tell. If the drive can not read RW subcodes it usually returns an "ASPI error".
Karaoke cd's seem to scratch more easily than regular cd's so it could be a good idea to make backup copies of them. Especially since they are quite expensive.

after you have read all of the above your now ready to rip cdg's
add cdg disk to cdrw or dvdrw to do this click on cd then grab cdg tracks(karaoke)
then choose how you would like it ripped, cdg plus compressed file is always the best way

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