How To Rip CD+G To MP3+g

This section will instruct you on how to rip CD+G tracks from disc to MP3+G files that can be played on your computer.
You must have a compatible CD-ROM drive, capable of reading and writing CD+G. A list of compatible drives is here.
Step 1 Use CDRWin to extract .bin files from the CD+G. Open CDRWin and select "Extract Disc/Tracks/Sectors".
Step 2 Set the following reading options: 1. Extract Mode: Select Tracks 2. Reading Options: Select RAW & CD+G 3. Error Recovery: Abort (default) 4. Jitter Correction: Auto (default) 5. Subcode Analysis: Auto (default) 6. Data Speed: The slower the setting, generally, the better quality rip it will produce. Some drives can handle ripping at 16X or faster with no problems, but experience with your drive will determine the best ripping speed. Recommend 8X or slower to start with. 7. Audio Speed: Same as Data Speed 8. Read Retry Count: 10 (default) 9. Subcode Threshold: 300 (default)
Step 3 Choose path and filename of track(s), with no extension, in "Image Filename" box Select CD Reader
Step 4 Pick which tracks are to be extracted in TRACK SELECTION. If more than one track is selected, tracks may be sequentially numbered by checking NAME FILES SEQUENTIALLY. Hit "Start". Step 5 Once CDRWin has completed it's process, open MP3+G Toolz and select "Bin to Zip". Select the directory where your . bin files are located and hit "OK". MP3+G Toolz will then convert your .bin files into .mp3 and .cdg files, then zip them together. Tips: CDRWin does NOT support multi-session CD+G's at this time. It IS possible to rip a multi-session disc using CDRWin, however, ripping by disc sector is much more complicated and only recommended for people who are very comfortable with their computer skills. For those of you wishing to see exactly how it's done see the next section.
How To Rip Multi-Session CD+G's with CDRWin
This section will instruct you on the procedure for ripping multi-session CD+G's by sector with CDRWin. You must have a compatible CD-ROM drive, capable of reading and writing CD+G. A list of compatible drives is here.
Step 1 Open CDRWin and select "Table of Contents". Once it has read the Table of Contents (TOC) for the disc, print out the results using the "Print" button to the right of the box. You will need a physical copy of the LBA numbers printed on that sheet.
Step 2 Once you have a printed copy of the TOC, close out of that section and select "Extract Disc/Tracks/Sectors" button located in the middle of the top row of buttons.
Step 3 Choose your CD Reader from the list of available drives and choose your file location for CDRWin to rip to. Your "Read Options" section should be set up the same way as for a normal rip (see here). Step 4 In the sector selection section, you'll see a "Start" and "End" box. Enter the Start LBA number from the TOC printout sheet for the track you desire in the "Start" box. Take the LBA number for the following track and subtract one digit from that number and enter it into the "End" box. Repeat this process for each desired track. Tips: Datatype should be set to Audio with Cd+G [2448]. You will have to create a different filename for each sector rip. When completed, you will have the desired .bin files in the same directory.

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