How To Rip Cd's to Mp3's With AudioGrabber

This section will instruct you on how to rip cd's to mp3's that can be played on your computer, with winamp.
You must have a compatible CD-ROM drive, capable of reading.
Step 1 Use audiograbber you must install the program it's free to use and can be downloaded off the net at no cost to you.
Step 2 Place Cd into your cdrw or dvd rewriter on your computer.
Step 3 on the main screen all your song files will show, make sure all the boxes next to them are checked.
Step 4 make sure to name your files by there proper artist, title, track before step 5
Step 5 click grab.
This function is found under the CD menu.
NOTE! If you get pops and click in your files then do not run other programs when Audiograbber is copying a track. It sometimes happens that the reading will not be correct if Audiograbber is not given full access to the processor.

When a track has been copied it will optionally be normalized and processed by an MP3 encoder.

for more information on this please see the audio grabber help file by clicking help in audio grabber so you can also get the lame mp3 encoder as well.

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