1. Respect everyone! That means admin, op's, moderators, The room owner.

2. No fights in room. NONE !. Take it to private IM or PM, if your caught fighting in the room you and the other party will be banned for no longer than 24 hours or until a meeting is held and logs are reviewed, THIS INCLUDES ADMIN! Punishments, discipline, temporary bans, and permanent bans, will cover all of our rooms. If you become banned in one of our rooms, you will be banned in all of our rooms, if you lose a position of importance as punishment in one of our rooms , you lose all positions of importance in all of our rooms. When your punishment or ban is lifted in that room, it will be lifted in all rooms. If you lost your position of importance, you will need to earn that position back. It may not just be reinstated.

3. No Terrorist type remarks. (I'm gonna kill you, or I'm gonna blow things up).

4. No porn in shares. (Rape, child porn, bestiality, etc.)

5. No spamming or advertizing of another room links or otherwise unless you are given permission first from an op/admin/owner.

6. WE have some children in the room, please refrain from cursing and sexual remarks when kids are around as this is a family room, anyone caught doing so will be kicked or banned perminately.

7. The room owner has the final say, if there is a problem in the room and you do not agree with a decision by an admin or op bring it to the attention of the room owner(s) make sure to let the admin know you are doing such this way there are no questions as to having you banned or kicked before there is a decision made.

8. Membership to THE STUDIO will only be handed either admin/op status by the Owner, then voted on but the Owner will have the final say. members must be somewhat active in the room all 3 days of their waiting period, or they will have to make up the days not in the room. The 3 day wait is so you can get to know us, and we you, but will have a one month waiting period (30 days of active participation), and will have to be approved by majority vote of both Owner and the Head Admin.

9. If a problem arises from a dispute and can not be resolved both parties will lose there positions not just one, fair is fair both started it both will lose there positions (It takes 2 to start a fight and continue it)

10. IF you let someone else use your comp You must keep your password to yourself for login as there are no tags here in KARAOKE HAVEN, if someone else is caught loggin into haven and it is on your computer you will lose your position and be banned no if ands or buts!.

11.Share what you download if your caught leeching you will be given 2 warnings And if the admin/op is a good mood he may even over look it and not ban you for not sharing.

12.Additionally, greetings are only polite (so please do so) & leave all outside issues outside.....

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